Positive. Permanent. Solutions.

You’ll be surprised and relieved by the quick permanent results hypnosis delivers. 

Some people take my courses as a last-ditch resort when they've exhausted all resources and are feeling hopeless. 

Other people enroll because they’re curious to see what this hypnosis stuff is all about. 

(Hint: It’s based on science, NOT wizardry.) 

Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss: Starts January 1, 2019

Begins January 1, 2019. Sign up now for this popular 4-week group experience.

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Anxiety-Proof Your Life

Do you feel like anxiety is controlling your life? If you're struggling with anxiety, worry, fear, stress, or tension, this course is for you. Spend...

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Self-Hypnosis: Your Complete Guide to Permanent Solutions

This course contains everything you need to start using self-hypnosis to change your life.  You will learn proven techniques, based on neuroscience. The course includes...

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